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Take Runtastic out for a run

Runtastic Pro Running Fitness acts as your real-time, updated and dedicated personal trainer, by tracking your jogging, walking, cycling, running or any choice of your fitness activity. You can share your sports activities, discover new running routes and reach exercise goals.
Runtastic captures all the basic data you'd expect from a fitness tracking app: distance, average speed, speed between mile markers, elevation, pace, pace between mile markers, duration, calories burned, and route as plotted on a map using GPS, which you can optionally disable to save battery.
Open and launch right into your activity by hitting the "Session" tab. To the left is an icon indicating which activity is selected. Tap it and you can change to any exercise from inline skating to simply walking.
When you finish your run, kayak ride, cross-country ski route or any other fitness exercise the app opens to a page where you can log additional details about the weather, surface (i.e., pavement, wooded trails, gravel), your mood, and anything else you want to record in a notes field. You can mark injuries, days with lower scores or slower paces.
Pro version features multilingual voice feedback (including English, German, Spanish, French and Italian), live tracking, route search and share - you can find routes other users have mapped -, pulse reading and heart rate zones (COMPATIBLE HEART RATE MONITOR IS NEEDED), an integrated music player with ‘power songs’, pre-programmed workouts, intervals and competitions. Also available is the auto-pause, so Runtastic Pro will account for stops and red lights, which comes hand for urban outdoor activities.

> GPS Tracking
> Measurement of Distance, Duration, Speed, Pace, Calories Burned
> Map View
> Charts (Speed | Elevation | Heart Rate)
> Training History
> Split Table
> Social Sharing
> Manually Add Activities
> Synchronize Activities
> Countdown
> Metric & Imperial Units
> Multi-User Capability
> 12 Languages
> LIVE Tracking
> Routes
> Cheering
> Heart Rate Monitoring
> Heart Rate Zones
> GeoTagging
> Integrated Music Player
> Workouts
> Interval Workout
> Weather
> Auto Pause
> Hydration
> Connect Smartwatch

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top o aplicativo

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good application for athletic person's

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This is very good

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